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Featuring Dr. John McDougall

  • Outspoken Physician/Activist, Dr. John McDougall – An in-depth profile of his 48-year career of passionate, tireless advocacy of plant-based eating for the treatment of chronic illness.
  • Plant Based Foods Association – Lobbying Washington alongside the meat and dairy industries to ensure competitive marketplace for businesses selling plant-based foods
  • Libido in Bloom (Part II) – Raising your libido without a trip to the pharmacy!
  • New Feature – Fashion With Compassion: – Meet MattandNat.com – Matt & Nat®‎ – Designers of beautiful, classically-tailored handbags
  • The Moral Hostess – Activism begins at home!
  • Plus…Fast and Fresh One Pot Recipes for Busy Activists on the Go!

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What’s Inside VegWorld Magazine

Real World Recipes:

Real World Vegan Recipes features tried and true recipes from our readers who may not be famous, but who serve up famously good foods to their loved ones.

The Moment When:

When vegans come together to tell their stories, we are always amazed to discover the common problems and joys that we all face and can so easily relate to. That Moment When…. explores and celebrates all the awkward, enlightening, frustrating and triumphant moments we all share.

The Power Of Motion:

Well-known trainer to the stars, author and passionate fitness instructor, John Pierre, will share with us his best tips on self-empowerment, nutrition and exercise – showing us how to take control of our health and maintain and enhance our well-being at any age.

The Doctor Who Changed My Life:

Every so often, if we are fortunate, we come across doctors who go behind the symptoms and guide us wisely on our journeys to health. The Doctor Who Changed My Life features stories about people whose lives were transformed by these true healers.

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Welcome to VegWorld – an online resource and interactive electronic magazine dedicated to inspiring, entertaining, informing and educating our readers about plant-based living. VegWorld is for anyone interested in health: their personal health, the health of the animals with whom we share our Earth and the health of our entire planet. Our mission is to spread the word about the whole food, plant-based movement by sharing with you emerging news and stories from the innovators, the artists, the educators and the revolutionaries who are rapidly bringing veganism to the forefront of modern-day consciousness.

Our name, VegWorld, encompasses our vision and our ideals. What a different place – what a better place – this world of ours would be if everyone were plant-based. We imagine a healthier, kinder, cleaner and much happier world for ourselves and for our children.

It is the dream of that world which has brought us all together here.

It is the promise of that world which inspires us to bring this publication to you.

Amanda Editor

Spotlight Articles

sharon cover

Kaelen Harwell Skin Care Products

| Spotlight Articles | No Comments

True Beauty By: Sharon McRae I’m excited to tell you about an awesome new vegan skincare line that has non-toxic ingredients, feels and smells amazing, and really works to improve…

matt and nat pic 1

Gorgeous Handbags by Vegan Fashion Designers Matt & Nat!

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FASHION WITH COMPASSION Spotlight on French-Canadian company MATT & NAT By ERIN GOLDMEIER Trendy and aesthetically-conscious shoppers on a quest for the perfect faux-leather bag; your journey ends here.  MATT…

PBFA People

Plant Based Foods Association Says Move Over Meat!

| Spotlight Articles | No Comments

Move Over Meat – There’s A New Food in Town By Lori Fryd The Plant Based Foods Association has come to town. Washington, D.C. that is. And they are here…


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