A Word of Encouragement to “Newbies” f...

A Word of Encouragement to “Newbies” from VegWorld

It’s hard.

We know it’s hard. Nobody is telling you that changing the habits of a lifetime is easy. We have each had our struggles and, for many of us, those struggles continue. The only difference between you and those of us who have been doing this for a bit longer is that most of us now accept that this struggle – this challenge – will be an unending part of our lives. We have experienced blessings far beyond what we could have ever believed possible. Perhaps you are not yet so convinced. You will be.

Please do not feel judged. Don’t ever believe that every single solitary step you make in the right direction is not cause for pride. Like a child learning how to take her very first steps, you will fall. We all fall. But, there is a goal here that is greater and bigger than all of us. The goal is health and the way to get there is repetition and determination. We want you to feel so much better than you do now. If you stay the course, you will.

Slow down. Look at the foods. See the textures, the incredible rich colors, the rainbow of life on your plate. Marvel at the seeds and run your hands over the veins coursing through the huge dark green leaves within your grasp. Do you see the truth in these real foods that are whole and alive? Do you feel the energy going through you when you eat them? You will.

Before you is a choice – and we wish we could promise you that you will only have to make this choice one time and that all will be well after that. As many of us have learned, it is a bit more complicated than that. This is a choice that is made day-by-day, hour-by-hour, second-by-second. It is a choice that must be made every evening before you go to bed and a choice that must be re-made every new morning upon your awakening. It’s a choice that takes the world you once knew – or thought you knew – and turns it upside down and inside out and leaves you with a new understanding of who you are and where health resides. And, yet, there is not one of us who will tell you that this powerful choice is not worth making. In time, you will say this too.

You may need us for our experience and advice, but we need you too. We need you to learn this way of life. The more of you that there are, the more of you who succeed, the more validation there is of this “weird” and “kooky” way of life. The more of you who believe in this and who serve as examples to others, the better off the animals, the children, the adults, the society, the economy and the ecology of this planet on which we live. Your success has an impact that is more vital and far-reaching than you might realize right now. It touches each and every one of us. We want you to do well. At some point, you will want this for others.

In spite of everything – beyond all the hype and hurt, the rhetoric and the confusion, the failures and the frustrations, there is something here that keeps all of us going; those of us who have been at this for years and you who may be on your very first day.

At the very core of all of this is something we all share unequivocally.

It is life. It is all the beauty and promise of what is truly best in life. That is what keeps all of us going, the experienced and the ones who are just starting out, the “oldies” and the “newbies” – all of us who share this spark of life and all of us who want what is most important within it.

So keep at it. Keep trying and keep getting better and stronger in your resolve. Our message to you is no different than our message to ourselves.

It is worth it.