“Caveat Eater”

by Michael Meltzer

Dr. Michael Klaper cares.

He cares about our planet, and about his lovely wife, Alese. He cares about the people on our planet. He cares about the animals and the plants. He cares about the future.

Now in his 46th year of medical practice, Dr. Klaper (quotes below in blue) is grateful for a good and fulfilling life and career. Having graduated from the University of Illinois in 1972, he interned at Vancouver General Hospital followed by a successful medical practice, working in the ER and delivering babies. His patients suffered from typical diseases, including high blood pressure, clogged arteries, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, inflamed joints, skin problems, intestinal problems and many more. The medical literature on these diseases usually said “etiology unknown.” 

Leave it to the smart guys to figure it out. They’ll come up with a new “amazeocillin” drug in the lab, explain to you docs the use and dosage so you can prescribe it and vanquish the disease. Just keep on drugging those sick people.

Dr. Klaper began to feel like he was doing triage for specialists. After seven years as a GP, he became an anesthesiologist. Now, he could just put people to sleep; the surgeon could fix them; he could wake them up, and it was on to the next patient. But after two years of this, the anesthesiologist woke up.

Working with the cardiology team, he would watch as they drew blood from patients and see fat rising to the top of the test tube. When the patient was asked what they had eaten the previous day, the answer was often a cheeseburger and milkshake, fried chicken or other greasy animal food. And, during the surgery, the operating doctor pulled out greasy, fatty, waxy atherosclerotic material from the arteries, which looked like cow fat, pig fat, and chicken fat because that’s what it was.


Dr. Klaper felt that he had to make a change. His father had died of high blood pressure; his own BP was high; he was carrying an extra 20 lbs, and his cholesterol was high. He was concerned and became interested in a plant-based diet.

I didn’t want to be a part of the violence of eating the flesh of animals, paying for the death of an animal. I grew up largely on my uncle’s Wisconsin dairy farm. After giving birth and having her calf taken away, the mother would bellow for days on end. The sadness and suffering was too much. Red lights went on for me.

Klaper went whole food plant-based, and his health markers improved. He moved to Florida and went back to General Practice in 1981. Now, he knew what to tell his patients. They had cooking classes, made diet changes, got better, got off prescription drugs and were happy.

In 2009, Dr. Klaper joined the True North Health Center (healthpromoting.com). He now believes that word is getting out about the health benefits of eating a whole food plant-based, no SOS (sugar-oil-salt) diet, as is advocated at True North.

At True North Health Center, water and juice fasting, as well as a plant-based diet, is advocated for many health problems and results are little short of astonishing

In a 10, 12, 14 day water fast plaques are fading away. In a 3 or 4 week fast, we see dramatic clearing of skin lesions, rheumatoid arthritis and many other issues. Hippocrates said ‘Let food be your medicine.’ The body really has magical healing powers. The SAD (Standard American Diet) is more accurately termed DOA because it’s a Disease of Affluence, occurring in many other countries as they get wealthier, including China and India. All of these societies eating rich animal products are sending a toxic brew through peoples’ tissues and organs. It’s like putting diesel fuel in a gasoline engine. The organ which complains the loudest determines which specialist or specialists get to deal with the disease. But it’s all the same disease-IT’S THE FOOD.

So many people get better on a WFPB diet-plaque clears, vision improves, asthma gets better, bronchitis disappears, clogged arteries open, high blood pressure drops, angina disappears. Colitis, IBS, Crohn’s all are caused by the animal foods and improve quickly by their removal. Gastroenterologists (most) say that diet doesn’t matter but that’s ridiculous. We predictably have improvements. Interstitial cystitis gets better, the bacteria in the gut changes from the food, rheumatoid arthritis and joint issues get better.

When you’re eating animal products, gut leak causes food molecules to leak into joints. But after a water fast, migraines disappear. After fasting, then transitioning to a WFPB SOS free diet, virtually the entire panoply of western diseases go away. It’s not genetic or chromosomal – it’s the food. It’s not the high-tech medicines, either. I’ve been privileged to witness medical treatment start to come around to this type of medicine.

Whklaper2at are the health issues for young people?

Childhood obesity, clogging arteries, Type 2 diabetes, inflammation disorders, Crohn’s, inflamed guts, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, childhood acne (caused by dairy proteins), and more diseases are caused by eating animals and animal products.

Kids trying to get stronger through lifting weights and exercise are throwing whey (from milk) in a blender and gulping that down. Their skin erupts in acne. Because so many are obese and overweight now, it’s become normal. This metabolically active fat contains estrogens and triggers tumor growth, inflammatory proteins; blood flow slows and infections occur. The treatment is simple – FOOD.

How does this affect sexual development in kids?

I worked on my uncle’s dairy farm since I was 8. Normally, pregnant mammals stop giving milk and lactating. Then, after the birth, the milk flows again. But now, these massive dairy operations with 2,500 to 3,000 cows can’t afford not to be able to milk year-‘round, so they now use genetically modified cows, which can give milk throughout their pregnancies. So your milk is now drawn from large pregnant bovines with estrogen content, which is through the roof.

Studies show that 15 minutes after people drink it, their urine is pouring out potent mammalian estrogens, not the mild phytoestrogens found in soy. Testosterone in boys and men plummets; breast cancer in women occurs at younger and younger ages; precocious puberty occurs now in girls of 8, 9 and 10. There are hormone upsets in boys causing ‘manboobs’ and testicular abnormalities. All caused by nachos, pizzas, and chocolate milk pouring estrogen into their bloodstreams. And, of course, the Dairy Industry and FDA never told the public that this high estrogen milk has very severe consequences to our children.”

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m up at 4:30, work out on the stationary bike, shower, and I’m in the office by 7:30. I work on charts and paperwork, then see patients. We usually have 40 to 45 inpatients and 3 MDs on staff, plus quite a few interns and residents. I see each patient for an hour. Intake and exit exams for each inpatient is by an MD. Each person on a water fast is checked twice a day. Results are emailed to me for review. I also see a number of outpatients, including a large international clientele.

The interns include MDs, naturopaths, dieticians and chiropractors who are here from one month up to a year. I have long days, usually getting home at 7:30 or 8, have dinner, work on my book, and am in bed by 10.

My hobbies are astronomy (minor in college), bird watching (I love hummingbirds). I’m a pilot, a cyclist, and love to travel. And just being with my wife, Alese.

Final thoughts?

People should just eat 2,000 calories or so of whole plant food with 50, 60 or 70 grams of naturally occurring high grade protein. Instead they’re dying of an excess of protein, calories, and excess fat.

Our politics now are so coarse it’s like a Fellini movie. There seems to be no civility or gentleness. Everything is about money and the lowest common denominator.

Our environment is being trashed; the planet is melting; we are dying from this lust for animal flesh. We are suffering from ‘Nature Deficit Disorder.’ But retail medicine is slow, one person at a time. Which is why I travel half the month teaching medical students and doctors. All doctors should ask, ‘What do you eat?’

Health is a verb. You create health. Diseases are earned, too. But the healing powers of our bodies are amazing. We just need to educate ourselves. There is great information available now.

Of course, there’s a lot of bad and dangerous information being pushed in the media. Among these, The Paleo Diet may be the worst. It is a ‘Diet of Death.’

Don’t be a victim. Don’t assume most doctors know what is going on. They don’t. Not yet. Hopefully, in 30 or 40 years, they will know.