3 Ways To Get Those Monkeys Moving!

by Shoshana Chaim

Making sure our kids are getting moving multiple times a day seems relatively easy for some kids and proves to be more difficult for others. As parents, we must understand the importance and meaning of exercise and physical activity for children. Offer active opportunities that they’ll enjoy and figure out how to set them up for an active adulthood. With obesity and chronic diseases on the rise for adults and kids, it’s important to get them interested in healthy lifestyles as young as possible so it sticks throughout their lives.

Here are three great ways to get your kids moving:

  • Figure out what they like. Not every child is going to like a team sport like basketball or hockey. Try a variety of sports and see if there is something they like. Individual sports like swimming, running and martial arts are a great option too. Sometimes you may have to think outside the box. Try rock climbing or gymnastics.


  • Make moving normal. Your children should not only be moving around at paid activities. Besides, it’s not always financially available to people to go to activities. Go for family walks after dinner, take daily trips to the park or go on a bike ride together. And don’t forget the ancient skill of ‘playing outside with friends on the street’? Is that still a thing? It should be.


  • Be a role model. It’s important for kids to see us exercising and moving our bodies. Let them see you in your workouts clothes. Tell them about the walk you took on your lunch break. Run around the field while they play in the park. We, as parents, are the best teachers and leaders for our children. Take advantage.


So, get thinking about how you are going to get your monkeys moving more and start your new habits now!