A Knowing Gratefulness

by Lori Fryd

Giving Plant-Based Thanks

The thing I am the most grateful for this Thanksgiving is that I finally know how to take care of myself.  I no longer live in fear and dread.  Now, I am empowered with a precious knowledge which is as pragmatic as it is profound.

Where would I be if I had not learned that I have this power, no – this duty, to take my own health into my own hands?  Where would I be if men like Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Fuhrman and so many others had not so determinedly and persuasively reached out to educate me about the truth?  What would have become of me?

My mind does not even want to go there.

This Thanksgiving, when I look at the foods which are being served at my family’s annual feast, I will choose only the ones which are good for my body.  I will make this choice, not in a spirit of deprivation or resentment, but with an attitude of utmost thanks that I now know, finally, how to truly nourish myself.

In gratitude, I will reach for the foods which have blessed and restored me, the life-giving fruits of our earth which have saved me from years of needless suffering and led me out of the path of uncomprehending self-destruction I had been headed down.

What greater gift is there than life?  What greater thanks can I give on a Day of Thanks than choosing to honor this life by nourishing myself with care and respect?

No, I do not fear temptation this year.  I will have enough.  I will have more than enough.  And I will be infinitely grateful for it.

With every mouthful of healthy food I eat at the Thanksgiving table, I will be giving thanks for this new life which has sprung up, miraculously, like sturdy green reeds, tall and strong, from the ashes of a sickened and helpless one.  Every bite I take will affirm that life is more important than indulgence, that health is by far more important than any transient taste, and that I know now, finally, that my own well-being rests firmly and safely within my own control.

I have finally learned what nature asks of me.  I have accepted this life-giving knowledge with gratitude.  In return, I have been rewarded with nature’s most precious offering – life – and the health which sustains it.

For this, I most reverentially offer heartfelt and humble thanks.