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Hardee's to Test Beyond Meat and Beyond Sausage Options


Hardee’s has announced plans to test a Beyond Meat Thickburger and a Beyond Sausage on a Hardee’s Biscuits starting October 28, 2019. This comes just days after a Change.org petition asked the chain to include Beyond Meat option.
In an email Change.org wrote: “I am so glad that Hardee’s is joining Carl’s Jr. in offering cruelty-free options. Studies show that around 30 percent of people plan to cut down on their meat consumption. The announcement from Hardee’s to test both the Beyond Thickburger and the Beyond Sausage on a Hardee’s Biscuits is a big step towards appealing to those modern diets.”
Tegan Gregory, a senior campaigner at Change.org added: "Yet another company has responded to customer demand for plant-based menu items, with Hardee's clearly listening to the 13,000 voices who signed Alisha's petition. We're seeing more and more petitions asking companies to add plant-based menu items, from Starbucks to McDonald's and beyond, and this feels like a trend that is only going to grow."

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