Tara Binder

Tara Binder is passionate about showing omnivores that vegan food is delicious. As a part time nurse and a full time foodie she wants to show the world that youcan eat scrumptious food without sacrificing your health. Residing in Vancouver, Canada this mom of two adorable boys spends her free time cooking and blogging at

Linda Carney, MD

Linda Carney, MD served as Medical Director for the first 7 Immersions by Engine 2 under Rip Esselstyn. She practices medicine just south of Austin, TX and loves to share science at 

Shoshana Chaim

Shoshana Chaim is a wife, mother, podcast host and plant-based nutrition consultant. She is passionate about helping others heal themselves and their families through diet and lifestyle. Shoshana and her husband, Adam, work with clients all over the world through their internet-plant-based

Tanya Cleary

Tanya Cleary is a freelance writer living in Key Largo, FL. She has been plant-based for over 5 years, and enjoys spreading the word about plant-based diets.  She is a moderator of McDougall Friends group on Facebook and is an Associate Editor here at VegWorld.

Carol Fitzgerald

Carol Fitzgerald changed her entire way of eating as a preventative measure as there are many health issues in her history. She has been a plant-based eater for 12 years. Her passion is to help others lose weight and regain their health. Visit her website for more information:

Lori Fryd

Lori Fryd is a freelance writer and Managing Editor here at VegWorld.  She first started writing short snippets about her plant-based experiences on Facebook.  These eventually became essays.  Lori has now compiled several hundred of these random musings about the joys and difficulties of becoming vegan.  She has published her first collection of stories on Amazon:  A Gift of Love

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson (aka “Mrs. Plant”) is a plant-based home chef and educator living in Frisco, Texas. She traded in the Standard American Diet (SAD) to adopt the plant-based lifestyle, which helped her lose weight, become physically active, and get off her medication for Type 2 diabetes. Check out her website for whole foods plant-based recipes and informative content at

Cathy Katin-Grazzini

Cathy Katin-Grazzini, plant-based chef, cooking instructor, nutritional coach, and food blogger, is the Food Editor of VegWorld Magazine, Plant-Based Culinary Medicine Educator and Chef at Matrix Personalized Medicine (New Canaan, Connecticut), and owner of Cathy’s Kitchen Prescription, LLC (Ridgefield, Connecticut).

Sharon McRae

Sharon McRae is a wife, mother of three teens, plant-based certified health coach, and PCRM Food for Life instructor residing in Columbia, MD. Her passion is helping others take control of their health by making better lifestyle choices and adapting a whole food, plant-based vegan diet.

Lani Muelrath

Lani Muelrath, M.A., TV host, top vegan lifestyle coach, Certified Specialist: Behavior Change, Plant-Based Nutrition, Mindfulness Meditation – featured on CBS TV, ABC TV, Prevention, USA Today, Huffington Post, Saturday Evening Post. Presenter: PCRM, PlantPure Nation, Associate Faculty Butte College where her book is required text.  Author: The Plant-Based Journey –  VegNews Top Pick – andFit Quickies.

Natalie Norman

Natalie Norman is a Certified Advanced Raw Vegan Educator, Sports Nutritionist, and busy mom who dramatically transformed her health with raw foods. Visit Natalie’s award-winning website at and subscribe for fast, easy, delicious raw food recipes, plus plenty of lifestyle support!

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor travels in North America, South America and Europe for business and strives to dine at the very best vegan restaurants in the every city he visits. As a vegan of seven years and vegetarian for 20 years before that, he has sampled some of the best Vegan foods in 46 states and 24 countries. Michael looks for restaurants using the best ingredients (organic preferred), innovative recipes and vegan outreach.

Robin Tierney

Robin Tierney is an award-winning career writer-photographer who seeks great places to travel, bicycle, hike, swim and enjoy art, music, vegan cuisine and other sensual pleasures. She also volunteers with animal rescue and animal protection organizations. Reach her at