Courtney Explores the Treats and Eats at Expo East

Courtney Explores the Treats and Eats at Expo East

Hi VegWorld Readers! It’s Round Two of Natural Products Expo 2017, where I get to take on a whole convention center filled with new vegan products. I originally got a taste for this back in March when I explored ‘Best of Expo West’. I was completely blown away with the innovative vegan products I discovered there. Though Expo East in Baltimore is a bit smaller than the Anaheim expo, there was no lack of vegan pioneers paving the way with delicious and sustainable products for the marketplace.

I came prepared to eat a lot and find the best of the best. If you followed our @VegWorldMagazine Instagram stories and posts in early September, you know I succeeded! Here’s a recap on this season’s best and why you should keep an eye out for all of them at your local grocers. 

Click on the pics below to see it all! 

— Courtney Garza —-

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