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We are on the verge of a veritable tidal wave of health and self-empowerment. Veganism and even raw foodism are hot topics in the media these days. Our culture is slowly, but surely, waking up to the truth about radiant health and the fact that fruits and vegetables are the best way to get it. But did you know that one of the best-kept ancient secrets of health has become hot news as well? More and more celebrities, including Madonna, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler and Uma Therman, have discovered (and are talking about) the best way to supercharge their health and maintain their youthful glow. What is this panacea?

Juicing, or more specifically juice fasting, is the incarnation of the mythical fountain of youth. Celebrities are doing juice fasts at the suggestion of their doctors and health coaches to get into movie-ready shape. In fact, new documentaries, such as “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” detail the journeys of everyday people on the road to real, lasting wellness through the power of juice fasting.

Maybe you are tired of worthless fad diets and want to lose some weight for good. Maybe you just aren’t feeling your best and you need a quick and real way to increase your energy. Or perhaps you’re faced with an incredible health challenge and you’re not satisfied with doctors telling you that pills and procedures can’t cure your ailments. That means you’re ready to juice fast.

Juice fasting takes the basic and widely implemented curative powers of fasting and greatly improves upon them. When we fast we allow our bodies to do major cleaning and damage repair of our organs and tissues. Rather than dedicating tons of energy to the weighty task of digestion, your body uses the time when you’re fasting to focus all of its energy into repairing itself. Juice fasting increases the effectiveness of fasting by infusing your body with megadoses of nutrition—with almost zero digestion effort. Fresh juices also pump you full of the building blocks your body needs to fix weak tissues, clean out congested organs and rebuild strong new ones.

This is precisely why people who juice fast shed tons of weight, manage drastic improvements and even complete reversal of their diseases, and watch as years fade from their lined faces. The skin becomes more supple and smooth from juice fasting as it utilizes precious nutrients to regain its elasticity. Plus, the constant flow of antioxidants does far more than restore a youthful glow to your exterior; the same miraculous changes you’ll see on the outside happen inside your body as well.

I’ve personally experienced exactly these sort of health miracles, and I know countless others who have had such success. Juice fasting for healing is an essential part of dealing with any major illness. But I find you experience the most profound benefits when you make juice fasting a long-term part of your life.

Doing a few long juice fasts or taking part in numerous shorter fasts throughout the year is the best health insurance money can buy. This periodic cleansing lets your body reset itself and move out the environmental toxins that are everyday realities in our modern towns and cities. It gives you a chance to boost your energy and melt off any excess weight. And, yes, anyone can do it.

I juice fast often. In fact, I recently co-authored “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting,” a how-to guide that details the benefits of juice fasting and provides more than 75 recipes as part of detailed juice fast programs. I have dedicated my life to studying and sharing knowledge about vegan health and healing; juice fasting is the most profound pathway I have found to optimal health and welfare. It is the true Fountain of Youth. Will you join me?

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