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Filmmakers Employ First Completely Vegan Set in the Making of We Are Boats (Featuring Luke Hemsworth & Jack Falahee)



  • by Peter Manley

The new inspirational film We Are Boats is the first to feature a completely vegan set, reports producer Anya Remizova in a VEGWORLD exclusive interview today.

The cast of We Are Boats includes big names such as Angela Sarafyan (Westworld, The Promise), Luke Hemsworth (Westworld), Jack Falahee (How to Get Away With Murder), Adriana Mather (Honeyglue), Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction), and Justin Cornwell (Training Day). In fact, the film inspired actor Justin Cornwell to adopt a vegan diet, according to producer Anya Remizova.

Throughout the entire making of the film, the set abstained from eating or using any animal-based products, including leather clothing. The cast was provided with two completely plant-based each day on the set, and the vegan makeup artist on set used only vegan products.  Producers Anya Remizova, Adriana Mather, and James Bird take pride in the fact that no animals were harmed in the process of filming We Are Boats. Anya Remizova says, “Even if We Are Boats wasn’t the first film with a completely vegan set, we’d be happy being the second or third or fourth. That just means that even less animals are being harmed.”

The story revolves around a woman who’s murdered by a client and then returns to the world of the living to guide others through their hardships. If she succeeds in helping these people, she is promised the reward of being able to say goodbye to the young daughter she left behind. In his director’s statement about the film, James Bird says that We Are Boats “shows us how connected to each other we really are. [The film encourages] everyone who sees this film to start conversations with strangers, say hello, give a compliment, you’ll see how badly people need other people talking to them.”

Anya hopes that the film will inspire kindness and more connection between people and animals. She says, “Be kind to people and animals. Live your life in a way that connects you with others and benefits others. Every interaction counts, so be kind and open.”

In addition to debuting in Los Angeles on March 26, 2019, We Are Boats will also be made available on March 26, 2019 on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital media platforms.



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