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Gamers Can Now Enjoy a Vegan 11-Layer Christmas Dinner in a Can



  • by Peter Manley

Gamers are known to be extremely dedicated to their hobby, even to the point where they find ways to eat and drink while still playing their favorite game.

Typically, many gamers will opt for unhealthy foods like pizza, burgers, chips, popcorn, and fast-food delivery. However, one gaming company is working to revolutionize the way gamers snack.

This year, the British gaming company GAME is offering a vegan alternative version of its already-popular Christmas Tinner, which is a complete Christmas feast layered and stuffed into a tin can (hence the name).

Designed for extreme gamers who may spend a majority of their day playing video games, the Christmas Tinner provides several layers that consist of breakfast (on the top), lunch and dinner (in the middle), and dessert (on the bottom).

The product was developed for gamers who are steadfast in staying on their game all day, even turning down family or sex with their partner. A GAME spokesperson says, “Gamers will do anything to stay live in-play—not even sex can lure gamers away according to the research with almost half admitting they have turned down their partners in order to continue playing.”

The vegan version was created with hopes of providing a healthier alternative for vegans and health-conscious gamers alike. It’s eleven layers are filled with delicious and savory items, such as tofu and tempeh bacon, olives, grapes, mushroom Wellington, vegan pigs in blankets, roasted butternut squash, and more. For dessert, you can expect a sweet and filing custard and chocolate cake.

Sure, gaming has definitely caused a more sedentary lifestyle that is unhealthy at best. However, GAME’s offering of the vegan Christmas Tinner is at least a better alternative to what extreme gamers might’ve otherwise opted to eat.

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