According to Wu-Tang Clan Group member Jason Hunter (more commonly known by his professional name “Inspectah Deck”), a majority of the Wu-Tang Clan is now enjoying a vegan lifestyle. In an interview with Metro UK, Hunter said, “My end goal is to become a vegan. Eighty percent of the Clan are vegan right now.” 
A few of the vegan Wu-Tang Clan members have been active in the vegan community. For example, RZA worked with fellow group members GZA and Ghostface Killah to advertise the introduction of White Castle’s plant-based Impossible Slider in a video campaign. 
Hunter continues, “It’s just about healthier living. Once you get older, your body functions differently. The best thing to do is to be preventive about a lot of things. You can eat right, that’s a big plus once you hit 40. Keep your muscles tight and have good circulation. I also try to drink fresh juice, especially on the road.”
The Wu-Tang Clan is now celebrating the 25th anniversary of their album “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) with their Gods of Rap worldwide tour.