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Compartés Releases Fully Vegan Superfood Chocolate Bar Line


Known for their constant innovation in making handcrafted chocolate for over 70 years, Compartés owner Jonathan Grahm, is raising the bar on luxury chocolate with his first foray into the functional food space, debuting 100% plant-based chocolate bars with wellness benefits in eight categories: Superfood, Endurance, Pro-Power, Detox, Pure, Energy, Beauty, and Healing. The collection is made using only certified organic, vegan ingredients, is refined-sugar free and gluten-free, and with no emulsifiers, no soy, and only the purest of cacao. Chocolate lovers can enjoy the unmatched flavor of Compartés with a textured array of organic ingredients and health benefits for the first time in BEAUTIFUL packaging all hand drawn by Jonathan. 

Organics Pro Power 1


“There are so-called healthy or vegan chocolates coming out, but they aren’t even organic, and that’s like quitting before you’ve started. If you are going to have healthy chocolate, every single component must be extremely nutritious, organic and good for you.” Jonathan Grahm explains. 

Grahm felt strongly that all of the ingredients – from the chocolate to the nuts, fruits, and spices – needed to be organic. Compartés Organics are 100% plant-based chocolate bars made using only certified organic, vegan ingredients and the purest of cacao. They are paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, non-dairy, non-GMO, and made with no palm oil, cane sugar, emulsifiers, or refined sugar.

Organics Beauty 2

Compartés, the world’s most trendsetting handcrafted chocolatier for over 70 years, is making its first foray into thefunctional food space, with the release of Compartés Organics. 

Debuting this month, chocolate lovers can enjoy exquisite Compartés chocolate, loaded with a decadent, textured array of organic ingredients with specific health benefits in eight functional varieties: Superfood, Endurance, Pro-Power, Detox, Pure, Energy, Beauty, and Healing.

Organics Superfood 3

Jonathan Grahm, owner of Compartés, grew up in the chocolate business. Chocolate is in his blood. As Jonathan explains, “being in this business for my whole life and having daily interactions with our customers, I sensed a shift in the marketplace and felt a need to create something that would take into account our overall health and wellbeing, to be more sensitive to dietary restrictions, allergies, and food intolerances. I wanted to create a chocolate that didn’t just tick all the wellness boxes, but also offered something new.”

With this ambitious mission, it took Jonathan over two years of research and recipe testing to perfect the formulas for Compartés Organics. He started in his home kitchen by blending raw ingredients together, combining chocolate with bits of cocoa butter, adding in a touch of organic unrefined coconut sugar to create a delicious dark chocolate flavor. This would provide the base for adding in the unique combinations of superfoods, and, in turn, transforming an everyday indulgence into functional food and a completely new take on luxury chocolate.

Organics Energy 1

Compartés Organics are available in sweetly unique profiles to uplift mind, body and soul, each presented in giftable hand-drawn ultra-luxe boxes, designed by Jonathan, whose award-winning packaging has been featured in the Smithsonian Museum:

  • Superfood – Strawberries, goji berries, acai, and dragon fruit crammed in for supreme antioxidant levels
  • Endurance – Homemade granola with activated grains and seeds for increased stamina
  • Pro-Power – Peanut butter powder and pea protein; perfect for pre-workout or a recovery sweet treat
  • Detox – Choc-full of turmeric, ginger, and lemon, cleanses the body and mind
  • Pure – Pure and simple 80% dark chocolate indulgence with only four natural ingredients
  • Energy – Heart-healthy nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans, and cashews & sea salt for the perfect sweet + salty
  • Beauty – The proprietary collagen super blend that nourishes skin while tasting incredibly delicious
  • Healing – A potent mix of Reishi mushrooms, matcha green tea, and raspberries; almost too beautiful to eat

Organics Endurance 1

Compartés Organics is available online for shipping nationwide and in select retailers for $9.95, as well as a 4-piece gift set ($49.95) and an 8-piece gift set ($89.95).

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