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Giving Tuesday Round-Up


On this #GivingTuesday, we are thankful for the impactful animal advocates working hard to make a difference in the world for all. So we are making it easier by rounding up some of the top organizations and their needs for you to help them grow in their movement to make a positive change by donating what you can. 


Physicians for Responsible Medicine has dedicated this Giving Tuesday to the animals suffering in laboratories across the country and launching a one-day Campaign to Stop Cruelty.

They have set a goal of raising $50,000 today for their Campaign to Stop Cruelty. 

Donations will go to supporting their campaigns aimed at preventing abuse and save animals from dying in emergency medicine, general surgery, and veterinary training programs.

In 2019, PCRM made great strides in shutting down eight laboratories causing cruelty and convincing the Environmental Protection Agency to make a commitment to stop using mammals to test products.

Help continue their progress by making a special donation for Giving Tuesday today. Your donation will be put to work to:

  • Fund targeted campaigns to shut down animal laboratories and save lives.
  • Advocate for effective, cruelty-free research and stop experiments on animals.
  • Promote preventive and responsible medicine with plant-based nutrition.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is looking for more kind people to chip in with a special gift to towards their goal of unlocking $25,000 to help dogs and all other animals by midnight tonight. 


If PETA receives 2,500 donations by midnight tonight, a committed PETA donor will give an additional $25,000 to help their team accomplish even more for dogs and other animals in need.


Their field workers were able to gain custody of the young dog pictured above and gave him the food, veterinary attention, and affection that he'd been longing for. Today, he's in a foster home with one of their local shelter partners while he waits for a loving permanent home, but sadly, his story isn't all that unique.


Your gift today can still make a world of difference to a dog like Little Man, seen below.


Rowdy Girl Sanctuary 


Their goal is to raise $11,175 today for Giving Tuesday. 


Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is always striving to give more. This year they have given back a lot:


~ Three rancher families are in their revolutionary Rancher Advisory Program transitioning to veganic, financially stable business models and we could be adding one more before the year ends.


~ Resumed monthly public tours, events and volunteer days, educating the public right here at our new location in Waelder, Texas.


They thank you for your steadfast support today and always. Together, you’re saving animals from harm—and stopping cruelty one program at a time.


Esselstyn Foundation



Everybody deserves to live a disease-free life, no matter their circumstances.


Help this well-known, healing foundation reach its goal of raising $10,000 by midnight.  


If they meet their goal, a generous donor has offered to match it dollar for dollar!


Animal Equality 


Facebook fundraisers are an easy way for you to have a huge impact. By participating, you both support our life-saving work while also raising awareness for innocent animals who are exploited every day. Click here to start one now.


The best part? All donations are matched by a generous donor!


While you do your part, we’ll do ours. We'll update you tomorrow with what is happening on the festival grounds. Together, we can make a massive impact for animals.


Create your own Facebook Fundraiser here. 


Thank you for taking the time to give back to those in need today. We are honored to share these organization’s efforts to help make the world a better place.


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