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Mexican state of Jalisco sets precedent making farmed animal cruelty a crime



  • by Emma Letessier

The Mexican branch of Animal Equality has announced that their efforts to make cruelty to farmed animals a crime have been successful after the legislature of Jalisco voted to make abuse punishable by up to four years in prison.

The decision by the Jalisco authorities, which took place on Friday, April 5, will see more than 210 million animals protected in the country’s largest meat-producing state.

Prior to Animal Equality’s campaign, farmed animals in Jalisco had no protection. The organization’s undercover teams witnessed and documented horrendous accounts of pigs and cows being tortured to death, with many being “brutally slaughtered” without any stunning first.

Animal Equality’s ground-breaking campaign saw them present their undercover evidence in the Mexican Congress. Working with Senator Salvador Caro, they introduced a historic bill into the state legislature.  The bill was passed with a majority.

However, the charity is spending little time celebrating their success; they’re now focused on intensifying their campaign to protect other innocent and vulnerable animals in the remaining Mexican states.

It’s hoped that Jalisco will provide a shining example and precedent in securing higher welfare standards for farmed animals across all countries.

Animal Equality is calling for financial support to continue its campaign work. If you’d like to contribute, you can do so at https://animalequality.org/donate/.

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