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No Excuses: Earthling Ed’s E-Book Has Your Answers for Vocal Defenders of Eating Meat



  • by Diana Potter

Ever gotten tongue-tied and embarrassed when you couldn’t come up with a quick and convincing reply to someone’s comment in defense of eating meat? If so, maybe later you felt an unexpected sense of having let the animals down somehow, even though you’d never do that intentionally.

Well, Earthling Ed had a similar experience awhile back when talking about his veganism to a person who interrupted him with this clinker: “But soya farming is really bad for the environment!” Stopped cold, he didn’t have the answer he needed. And he vowed it wouldn’t happen again.

True to form, Ed went to work to remedy the problem, researching and compiling an e-book containing not 10, not 15, but 30 powerful comebacks that he, you, and I can use to:

  • Keep our personal defense of the animals fresh and full of meaning, and
  • Spread the word that, as Ed says, “There is not one single argument against veganism whatsoever.”

It’s called 30 Non-Vegan Excuses & How to Respond to Them, runs to 120+ pages, and can be downloaded free!  So far, over 50,000 downloads attest to its appeal to plant-based people of conscience, like you and me.

If you know about Earthling Ed from his past appearances in the pages of VEGWORLD, you know the amazing depth of his passion for saving animals from the jaws of food-farming. You also know he’s a great guy with a delightful sense of humor, which he didn’t leave behind in writing his deeply felt e-book. Here are just some of the “excuses” I can’t wait to reply to, using his thoughtful and definitive “answers” framed to educate people without belittling them:

  • “But other animals eat animals!”
  • “God says we can eat animals.”
  • “Our ancestors ate animals. We evolved by eating animals!”
  • “Human rights are more important.” (I love that one.)
  • “Hey, plants feel pain!”
  • “We’re more intelligent.” (Yeah, right.)
  • “Morality is subjective.”

And my personal favorite:

  • “Hitler was a vegetarian!”

Don’t worry, the soya farming excuse is in there, too.

Click here to request your free copy of 30 Non-Vegan Excuses & How to Respond to Them.

And next time you have a chance to debunk someone’s non-vegan excuse for eating animals, you can thank Earthling Ed!

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