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Now Available: Earthling Ed’s Second TEDx Talk



  • by Peter Manley

Earthling Ed, a very popular vegan activist, social media personality, and the co-founder of the animal rights organization, Surge, presented his second TEDx Talk at the beginning of this year at the University of Bath. The talk, “Every Argument Against Veganism,” is now available online. 

This talk followed the animal advocate’s first talk titled “The Ostrich Effect: The truth we hide from ourselves,” which raked in more than forty-thousand likes on YouTube in a matter of days. In this talk, Earthling Ed described his terrifying visit to a dog meat farm in Southeast Asia and urged viewers to make connections between farm animals (who are badly treated) and loved pets, such as dogs and cats. 

Ed Winters (the activist’s legal name) wanted his second talk to be completely different and in it addressed all of the most well-known arguments people make against veganism. “I'm going to go through all the main arguments that people use to try and not be vegan and logically debunk them to show people that there's no validity or veracity to the arguments," he said prior to the recording. 

"I'm really looking forward to it, and I really hope that you like it when it's released. I also want to say a massive thank-you for all of the kindness and all of the support and comments from the first TED talk I did at Lund University in Sweden.”

You can now watch Earthling Ed’s second TEDx talk, titled Every Argument Against Veganism, online. You can find it on YouTube here.

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