600 jerky

The Man Who Would Change The World

When people look at leaders, they admire their accomplishments, their standing amongst their peers and their vision for the future. People forget, to become a great leader, one has to be born, grow through childhood and evolve into the person they ar...

10 Ways Veganism Stimulates Personal Growth

10 Ways Veganism Stimulates Personal Growth There are so many reasons to become a vegan, and even more reasons to remain one. The following are just 10 of the many ways veganism has made me a better person — and can make you a better person, too: 1. ...

Big Industry’s Influence on USDA Food Guidelines

Prescriptions for Health with Dr. Linda Carney: Big Industry’s Influence on USDA Food Guidelines The majority of disease, disability and premature death seen by medical professionals today originates from a nutrient and fiber-deficient diet...

Vegan With Backbone!

No Apologies at Thanksgiving Dinners My husband Jameth and I were building a business, HealthForce Nutritionals. We had been working around the clock, crafting our messaging and labeling in a way that would not offend anyone. We weren’t seeing great ...


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