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Vegan Soccer Co-Captain Alex Morgan Brings Home World Cup Victory



  • by Peter Manley

Only a few days ago, the United States Women’s Soccer Team brought home it's fourth World Cup title, defeating the Netherlands in a 2-0 victory at the Stade de Lyon in Decines

The co-captain and vegan animal rights activist Alex Morgan posted a photo on Instagram in celebration of their victory, with the caption, “I think I’m in love. World Champs, baby.” In the photo, Morgan is pictured kissing the World Cup trophy.

Co-captain Morgan has also made history. She is only the second player in the Women’s World Cup to score five goals in a World Cup game. Only recently, during a Tuesday World Cup game, Alex Morgan scored a whopping five goals, which helped the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to claim a 13-0 victory over Thailand. Morgan is without a doubt a super athlete that seems to accomplish superhuman feats.

While professional athletes can definitely attribute their impressive game skills and endurance to their intensive workout regimen, Morgan owes her great success to more than that. In a recent interview with Time, co-captain Morgan expressed that switching to a vegan diet has done wonders in terms of her performance in the game. She expressed that the reason she initially became a vegan was that “it didn’t feel fair to have a dog she adored, and yet eat meat all the time.” As a literal game-changing side effect, Morgan says that her endurance and overall health have since greatly-improved in the process.

Many other high-profile athletes have thanked a vegan diet for their success as well. Athletes such as Colin Kaepernick, Venus Williams, Kyrie Irving, and Jermaine Defoe are all proud vegans who have expressed that a vegan diet has helped them in their respective games.

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