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Wendy’s Secretly Introduces Plant-Based Burgers to Its Canada Locations



  • by Peter Manley

While most other fast-food restaurants seek media attention once they add a plant-based option to their menus, Wendy’s is working behind-the-scenes.

Just recently, the fast-food chain secretly introduced a new plant-based burger (called the Plantiful Burger) at many of its locations in Canada. Wendy’s has not yet made any formal announcements regarding the plant-based burger, nor has it advertised the addition on its website. However, many people in Canada have spotted several outdoor advertisements for the new burger, especially in Toronto. The advertisements show an image of the burger with the sly slogan “Where’s the beef? Not here.”

The new Wendy’s burger, called the Plantiful Burger, features a vegan patty that’s made with pea protein. Other ingredients in the burger include tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, ketchup, and dairy-based mayonnaise and cheese. Since the introduction of the burger came without press coverage, it’s uncertain whether or not the bun is vegan or made with animal-based ingredients.

Additionally, it’s uncertain whether the burger is a permanent addition to the Canada menu or simply a test-run. In an earnings call earlier this year, Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor mentioned that the company is playing with the idea of adding plant-based options to its menu.

Penegor said, “Clearly there is growth out there in plant-based proteins and we believe that it is a trend that will be here to stay.” We’ll have to wait and see whether or not this plant-based menu item receives any official press, or if it’s going to remain on the menu for long.

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