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Yogurt Brand Yoplait Introduces Dairy-Free Line



  • by Peter Manley

Only a few days ago, the bigtime yogurt company Yoplait announced the introduction of its very own dairy-free line––called Oui––which offers coconut milk-based yogurts at certain retailers. Come January 2020, the distribution list is expected to expand nationwide.

As part of Yoplait’s new Oui line, you can expect a wide variety of flavors to choose from, including strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, mango, and other flavors. And, rather than coming in a plastic container, each serving of Oui comes in its own signature glass jar that’s complete with fruit on the bottom.

As society continues to become more interested in plant-based alternatives to traditional foods, Yoplait plans to accommodate the growing need. In an interview with VegNews, Yoplait spokesperson Bridget Christenson said, “There is growing consumer interest in adding plant-based foods into their diets and we want to be able to serve a wide variety of consumers. There are many reasons that drive consumers to purchase dairy-free—some have strongly held beliefs about how dairy impacts the environment or concerns about dairy’s impact on the body, some may have health reasons like dairy intolerance or avoid dairy as part of a weight-loss regimen.”

In the interview, the Yoplait spokesperson further explains that the Oui brand was born out of an interest to cater to people who are experimenting with dairy-free food and beverage options. While Oui is definitely exciting news for the plant-based movement, it isn’t the first step Yoplait has taken toward plant-based options. In March of this year, Yoplait introduced a coconut milk-based Panier de Yoplait Végétal au lait de Coco and the almond milk-based Panier de Yoplait Végétal au lait d’Amande in France. In January of 2020, it plans to introduce the Liberte Dairy-Free version in Canada as well.

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