TRUE BEAUTY – From Head to Toe

TRUE BEAUTY – From Head to Toe

by Sharon McRae

If you’re like me and you spend occasional long days on your feet (mine are usually in the kitchen), you know how relaxing a bit of  foot pampering can be.  I was thrilled when I recently came across “Mint Your Feet” by Kosmatology.  This delicious peppermint duo includes Mint Your Feet Mineral Salt Foot Scrub and Mint Your Feet Foot Balm to leave your feet feeling refreshed and pampered. They’re made with all natural ingredients, most of them organic, and of course, they both include peppermint essential oil to wake up your senses and make you feel like you’re walking on air again. After scrubbing in the shower or bath with the salt scrub, rubbing in the foot balm and feeling the soothing tingle is nothing short of heavenly.  Slipping on a pair of comfy socks after this treatment always leaves me feeling completely rejuvenated.  This would also be a fantastic gift for anyone who spends long hours on their feet or enjoys a bit pampering now and then….and who doesn’t?


If you’re a traveler or you have limited space at home, it can be helpful to find multi- purpose products that will save you space in the suitcase or the medicine cabinet. Meow Meow Tweet’s Face & Body Cream fits the bill. This luxurious cream is made from all organic plant-based butters and oils, with no added scent….so it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Tamanu, rosehip, and pumpkin seed oils help with dryness, itchiness, and fine lines, and the cream penetrates quickly without clogging pores. It’s fabulous as a body butter straight out of the shower, and a little goes a long way on the face to replenish moisture, much needed during this colder time of year. It also works well as a rich hand cream that you can apply at night. It’s packaged in a small glass jar, which won’t take up much room in your beauty case. Another fabulous Meow Meow Tweet product to try is the Repair Balm, which is especially perfect for those dry, cracked hands and lips.


Black eyeliner is a staple in my makeup case, and I use it even on minimal makeup days to help to look more awake. I’ve been searching for a formula that really stays in place without fading or smudging, which most pencils tend to do, or flaking, like mineral powders sometimes can. I’ve found my new best friend in Noir Crème Eye Shadow by Au Naturale. I was skeptical at first, because cream shadows do tend to smear quite a bit, but I’ve had success with so many other products from this company that I decided to give it a shot. And I’m so glad I did! It’s easy to apply and glides right on with a small angled eyeliner brush. I apply both under and over my top lashes for a tight line. I do apply a bit of setting powder under my eyes, but not enough to accentuate fine lines (I try to ignore them but I know they’re there), and so far, I have to say that this product is a stellar performer!


Sharon McRae is a wife and mother of three teens, as well as a certified health coach and PCRM Food for Life instructor residing in Columbia, MD. She has been adopting and applying principles of health and nutrition in her own life for more than three decades. She became a health coach to fulfill her passion of helping others take control of their health by making better lifestyle choices and adapting a whole food, plant-based vegan diet.