Gorgeous Handbags by Vegan Fashion Designers Matt ...

Gorgeous Handbags by Vegan Fashion Designers Matt & Nat!

by Erin Goldmeier


Spotlight on French-Canadian company MATT & NAT

Trendy and aesthetically-conscious shoppers on a quest for the perfect faux-leather bag; your journey ends here.  MATT & NAT, short for MAT(T)ERIAL and NATURE, is based out of the French Canadian city Montreal, and has been designing classically-tailored vegan bags since 1995.

The company’s motto is “Live Beautifully,” and they’re committed to being a sustainable and eco-friendly business. Over the years, MATT & NAT has experimented with different recycled materials such as cork, rubber, recycled nylons and cardboard.  In 2007, the MATT & NAT team began creating bag linings out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. Approximately 21 plastic bottles are recycled for every bag the company produces and to date, they’ve used over two million.  Even recycled bicycle tires have now been introduced to their collections.

“We work with the idea of developing vegan and sustainable products without losing on the aesthetic, which is very important to us,” said Manny Kohli, President and CEO of MATT & NAT. “Our bags have a long lifespan due to the resilient and durable materials used for production. It is difficult to find accessories that are both sustainable as well as fashion forward and we strive to cater to that need.”

A favorite of Hollywood celebrities Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde and Adrian Grenier, MATT & NAT is inspired by nature’s rich color palette of brownish-gold hues, leafy greens and midnight blues. The bags are durable and functional, without appearing oversized or clunky, and offer the perfect touch of femininity.

MATT & NAT’s Spring/Summer 2016 line consists of seven collections (including a new shoe collection) offering consumers everything from satchels, totes and clutches, to backpacks, diaper bags, briefcases and even bowling bags. The Dwell Collection is composed of 100% PVC (polyvinylchloride) bags ranging in color from royal blue and Bordeaux red to classic black and lemonade yellow. The Vintage Collection offers sturdy, sleek bags in colors of greens, browns and nudes. For a pop of color, check out the Loom Collection, full of vibrant fuchsia, sea foam mint and amber yellow colored bags. Sustainable woven fabric bags in navy and black make up the Canvas Collection, and the Block Collection offers belt bags, saddle bags and pouches in classic colors.  The Cork Collection is comprised of five pieces – a satchel, crossbody, backpack, hobo and wallet – and was created using recycled cork, offering a unique pattern and neutral color that easily flatters any outfit.

MATT & NAT collections can be found online at and in boutiques across Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Europe and Australia.