Will the Pope turn the 2019 Lent season vegan?

Will the Pope turn the 2019 Lent season vegan?

The world vegan community watches in anticipation in hopes of a favorable response from the Pope to 12-year-old Genesis Butler’s plea.  The young Californian was inspired by the Pope’s often outspoken pronouncements in regard to environmental issues, so she wrote to him and politely asked that he turn his wisdom into action.

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that a plant based diet dramatically affects one’s environmental impact through the reduction of, among other things, livestock farming and greenhouse gas emissions.  Genesis and the Million Dollar team have asked the Pope to encourage his 1.2 billion followers to help make an impact by adopting a vegan diet for Lent, March 6 through April 18.  As a show of gratitude, the team will donate one million dollars to his favorite charity.

VEGWORLD Magazine spoke with Naomi Hallum, US Campaign Director of the Million Dollar Campaign, about how quickly the organization was able to gather like-minded celebrities, scientists, businesses, and scholars in order to form this campaign.

Pleased with the strong support that has exploded out of the vegan community in countries across the world, Naomi says the enormous participation has been a blessing.  We learned from her that Beyond Meat CEO, Ethan Brown, has pledged to send plenty of product to the pope if he agrees to encourage a Lenten vegan lifestyle.  Further, both Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn have even offered to advise and guide the Pope on the healthiest way to implement a vegan diet.

The story is also getting wide publicity; Newsweek, CNN, Fox News, The Guardian, and other media giants have all picked it up since it was released yesterday.  Vegans and non-vegans alike are marveling over the creative nature of the combination call to action and promise of charitable donation.

Kudos to young activist Genesis and the amazing Million Dollar Campaign team standing with her.  We at VEGWORLD Magazine support you and thank you for your amazing work.

CLICK HERE to Sign the petition to ask Pope Francis to Try Vegan for Lent

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